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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Summary

Data Collection and Usage


Do we sell your personal information?

Do we share or sell aggregate information?

Do we share your data with third party API partners?

Do we use sensitive categories of data, like health information?

Do we delete your data when you request account deletion?

Do we retain your data for as long as we need it unless you request deletion?




Do we access your personal contacts?

Are you required to provide a personal email to access the app?

Can you download and or delete your data?




Do we track your device location at any point?

Do we use cookies?

Do we track your browsing activities on other sites?

Do we listen to you using your device microphone?


Communication and Marketing


Do we give you advance notice when we make important changes to our Privacy Policy?

Do we send you marketing communications?

Do we contact you with product release updates?

Will we send you query responses via email?

Do we send you push notification?



Yes, with your consent

Yes, with your consent








Yes, on request













Yes, only if you sign up

Yes, if you choose to contact us


Privacy Policy


This privacy policy explains the data and information we collect, how we use and share it, your data rights in relation to both the Shield Performance Products Ltd website and mobile applications (our “Services”).


Shield Performance Products Ltd is an early-stage start-up business currently operating entirely within the research and development stages. We currently do not offer any products or facilitate any financial transactions yet. Thus, this policy does not contain any terms of service or information regarding payments. However, this may change in the future. Any updates of this policy will therefore be notified to any current users of our services through their respective interfaces (i.e mobile app pop-up notification or website pop-up notification).


This policy is written in English. Any translations of this policy are secondary to the English version, in terms of control. This privacy policy only applies to Shield Performance Product Ltd associated services and not any third-party products, services, or commercial entities.


Any questions or comments about this privacy policy may be submitted via the email or postal address below:




66 Heol Ysgubor,

Caerphilly, CF83 1SR


United Kingdom

Account and Profile Usage

We collect basic account information such as email, username, and password. These are sued to authenticate user’s profiles so that they can submit data securely to our cloud database. It also ensures this data is kept secure while the user is not using the app. We also collect basic biometric data including sex, height, weight, and age group. This data is used for research purposes, understanding user’s biometrics and their associated movement data ensures an equal distribution of data is obtained on a variety of different user types.


We collect 3-axis acceleration, rotational velocity, and timestamp readings of your movement when you choose to record an exercise activity. This data will be used to analyse the exercise performance using machine learning. It is the most valuable data collected and forms the basis of our product development.

Connected Devices

We collect our part of our data using our sensor modules. These are distributed to users that wish to participate in collecting data. We also collect account and basic biometric data, as described above, from the MyPT mobile iOS and Android apps.

Health Information

As mentioned in the “Account and Profile Usage” section, we collect basic biometrics on users including sex, height, weight, and age group. We may infer health information from this data and the acceleration, rotational velocity data to produce information such as risk of injury, range of motion of joints, etc. User’s must consent to the data usage agreement before their data is processed.

Other Information

We may also collect information on you through the contact form available on our website. This data will be used to solve queries and requests that a user may give. This data may be stored for later use if a conclusion was not able to be made immediately. Otherwise, this data will be deleted.


We may collect data on you such as phone number, email, first name, last name, and address if you choose to use either the “Contact Us” or “Try the Alpha” sections of our webpage. This data is stored to help facilitate communications between us and you if you require information or assistance. Additionally, data collected in the “Try the Alpha” section will be stored and used to communicate notification of product release. This will also be used to enable delivery of products to those users who choose to submit this information.

How Data is Shared

Third Party APIs

We share all our user data, generated in our mobile apps, with Google Firebase for cloud storage purposes. Users must consent to the data agreement to enable their data to be sent to this service. Google Firebase also enables secure storage of user data. Shield Performance Products Ltd is not responsible for the terms or policies of Google Firebase. Users should ensure they have read these before consenting to sharing their data with this party. You can easily change your preferences for consent using the “Account” tabs in the MyPT mobile apps.


Research Institutions

We share your information with a select group of individuals at the University of Bath for research and development purposes. These individuals have access to all forms of user data. You must consent to us sharing data with these individuals as part of the data agreement, otherwise this will not occur.


Internal Sharing

We may share your information with affiliates under common control with us or employees of Shield Performance Products Ltd, who are required to comply with the terms of this Privacy Policy regarding your information usage. If Shield Performance Products Ltd becomes involved in a business combination, securities offering, bankruptcy, reorganization, dissolution, or other similar transaction, we may share or transfer your information in connection with such transaction.

How we Protect your Data

Given the scale of our business, and that we do not facilitate financial transactions currently, we do not use any encryption methods to secure data. Instead, we utilise the security infrastructure present in the Google Firebase services. All user data and information are kept in this location and is therefore held secure in accordance with the Google Firebase Privacy and Security Procedures. These include HTTPS and logically isolate user data to encrypt data in transit, as well as data encryption of stored database data.

Managing your Data

Updating personal details

You can update all details of your account information through the MyPT mobile apps. Simply go to the “Account” tab and select the “Update My Details” option. If you require more assistance for this, contact jacob@shieldperformance.co.uk.


Updating and viewing data usage consent

You can view or update your data agreement consent using the “Account” tab in the MyPT mobile apps. Simply click the “View Data Agreement” option to view the consent agreement or “Update Data Agreement” to update your consent. Changing your consent to “Disagree” will prevent you from recording additional data.


Withdrawing your data

You can withdraw all of your data by going to the “Account” tab and clicking the “Withdraw My Data” option in the MyPT mobile apps. If you need to withdraw any data that was submitted via our website, please contact us via jacob@shieldperformance.co.uk.


Deleting accounts

You can remove and delete your account by going to the “Account” tab and clicking the “Delete Account” option on the MyPT mobile apps. If you require more assistance with this, please contact the email described above.


Downloading your data

To download your data, please contact us at jacob@shieldperformance.co.uk. We will facilitate the download and send it to you through a secure method.

Our Legal Bases

Shield Performance Products Ltd is still in its early stages of product development, thus, we rely on the following legal bases to collect, use, share and process your information. These purposes are detailed in this privacy policy and summarised below:


  • Where you have consented to the processing and sharing of your information.

  • If necessary to comply with any legal obligations, court orders, or to exercise and defend legal claims.

  • Where necessary to Shield Performance Products Ltd and our third-party’s legitimate interests, such as, our commercial interest in developing and maintaining the quality of our services, to protect the interests of our users, and to collaborate with users when necessary or requested.

  • Where necessary to perform a task for the user’s interest, such as, updating users with changes to our policies and data agreements.

Retention of Data

We retain your information for as long as we require to provide our current services and will keep your data for the on-going development of our products and services unless you consent otherwise and or provided our legal bases our still valid and no legal obligations infringe this. You can withdraw your data at any point, this process requires a request to be sent to jacob@shieldperformance.co.uk and may take up to 5 working days to process. Account information will be retained to provide our services to you and authentication purposes in regard to database access and uploading. Account information can be updated, or deleted through the MyPT mobile apps, using the “Account” tab. Shield Performance Products Ltd utilises machine learning to develop its products which relies on user data to train, for this purpose we retain all user data permanently, unless user consent or legal obligations infringe this. Any information that becomes identified as unnecessary to our services and products or development will be deleted.


For our website, any personal information stored for the sake of solving queries, contained in the “Contact Us” section, will be retained until the query is solved and then deleted. Furthermore, using the “Try the Alpha” section will result in your personal information being stored until we deem it unnecessary, or you consent otherwise. We will use this information to notify you of Alpha product launch and additionally use it to communicate with you to supply this product to you. If you wish to remove you information from this service, you must contact jacob@shieldperformance.co.uk.

Privacy Policy Information and Updates

Shield Performance Products Ltd reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. It is advised to review this policy on a frequent basis to ensure you are kept up to date. Any changes made to this privacy policy will incur an update notification to all users of the MyPT mobile apps as well as a notification to webpage users through their respective interfaces. If you disagree with any points in or changes to this privacy policy, you should stop using our services and delete your account using the methods described previously.

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